Our Story

We understand. Athlete Development can be a challenging space.



Our Story

We understand. Athlete Development can be a challenging space.


Game Change gets it.  Working with athletes can be challenging.  We've worked on programs that have failed spectacularly and we have had initiatives succeed beyond expectations. We’ve worked with highly engaged athletes and athletes who couldn’t care less.  

We know what works. We know what doesn’t. But we aren’t know it alls.  Every athlete, organization and situation is unique.

Game Change understands what athletes are more likely to need and what they likely don’t want (or care about). But we also know what they need to hear whether they want to hear it or not.  Organizations can’t guess.  They need to get it right the first time.  Organizations also need to be measure impact to understand how investing in athlete development creates value, and change over time.

We also understand clearly, that working with athletes is about performance.  If you aren't supporting elite level performance, than you are in the way.  Athlete development acts as a ‘force multiplier’ for enhanced performance can have an outsized impact on individuals, teams and organizations.  

Our story boils down to helping athletes leverage who they are now so they can win today and just as importantly, win tomorrow.  We are Changing the World One Athlete at a Time.



The Team

The Team

The Team

The Team


Duncan Fletcher - Founder, Executive Director

Mr. Duncan Fletcher is an athlete development professional with a proven ability to get things done. Mr. Fletcher is the former Co-founder and Director of the Professional Athlete Transition Institute (based at Quinnipiac University), a program which exclusively delivered programming to the NHL’s Life After Hockey Program and the NHLPA Professional Development program.   He has co-authored multiple articles in peer reviewed journals in and around the topic of athletic identity and athlete development.

Currently, he is the Director of Operations and a key founder of the Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS), an umbrella group of major North American sports organizations seeking to improve and professionalize the field of athlete development. Mr. Fletcher also founded Game Change Athlete Development Services & Consultancy, which works with major professional sports organizations and athletes to quantify and qualify organizational challenges related to athlete development. To date, he has worked with hundreds of active and retired professional athletes in a variety of capacities.




John has over 15 years of experience in career management and executive search. His special expertise is assisting people to identify and communicate their unique value proposition through a well defined personal brand. John is distinctive in his outlook and can see past the obvious to connect ideas, strategies and people.  He has methodically built a valuable, accessible network of professional contacts, facilitating connections that have created and secured business and career opportunities for his clients. 

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Christopher Henry currently works in talent development in J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank. In this role he designs programs and systems to ensure the CIB is strategic in its approach to managing and developing talent. Prior to assuming this role in 2010, he was Vice President of Player Development for the National Football League. His role was to ensure the successful transition of NFL players into and out of professional football by administering a continuum of programs and services designed to assist active and practice squad players to succeed in their lives off-the-field.

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Dan comes to Game Change after a 11-year professional Australian Rules Football career. During his playing career Dan completed a Bachelor of Commerce and was also a board member for the AFL Players Association.

Dan’s passion for working within the space of youth mental health lead him to hold two non-for-profit board positions as well as several ambassador roles for organizations focused on the mental well-being of young men and women. 

Currently, Dan is the founder of Foundation Performance, a performance development company focused on turning potential into elite-performance.


Jay Harrison

Jay Harrison comes to GameChange after a 15-year professional hockey career. Through sport, Jay has been fortunate enough to participate in a lifetime of unique experiences and relationships around the world. A life long student and explorer, Jay is currently finalizing his training as a Counselling Psychologist, fulfilling his desire to help others acclimate their true potential. As a Certified Pathfinder Practitioner and founder of Work In Consulting & Counselling, Jay provides clients with meaningful and useful insight into not only their career direction, but also in conscious awareness and self-understanding. 

Jay is passionately in love with his wife and best friend Jodean, who together witness daily miracles through their 4 daughters Presley, Willa, Stevie, and Gemma. 


Dr. Gary Burns

Dr. Gary Burns is the director of the Workplace Personality Project (WPP) laboratory and an associate professor at Wright State University. His research and practice focuses on understanding and leveraging individual differences and workplace factors to increase team member’s satisfaction, commitment, and productivity. Applied projects focus on refinement and development of performance management systems, developing leader-culture fit, and calibrating trust.


Stephanie THorburn

Stephanie Thorburn is currently the Associate Athletics Director for Administration and Compliance at Hunter College, NY, NY.  Prior to joining Hunter College she was the Associate Director of Leadership Development (Student-Athlete Affairs Department) at the NCAA.  Stephanie also spent time in the professional ranks, she was the Manager of Player Development at the National Basketball Association (NBA). Stephanie ran relevant programming and services that encouraged the league’s athletes and facilitated their personal, professional, and social growth. Thorburn holds a Master’s degree in sports psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, both from Florida State University.

Kelsey Puckett

Kelsey Puckett works for Game Change in a production and content development role. A graduate of Michigan State University, she has worked for ESPN in studio on College Football and College Basketball and field productions such as Champions Classic and Frozen Four. She also worked for ESPN U Campus Connection and CBS Lansing. Her skill set includes producing, shooting, on air/reporting experience, writing, social media and editing.