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Game Change is helping athletes leverage who they are now so they can win today and just as importantly, win tomorrow.  We are Changing the World One Athlete at a Time.

Current Projects

Game Change’s Resilience Based Performance initiative provides athletes and organizations with the tools, resources and information to rewire and be more resilient.  Improve your resilience, and you improve your life and your athletic performance. Reduce stress and anxiety, increase mental wellness, enhance your focus and clarify your purpose.
The National Hockey League (NHL) and NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) Core Development Program is the result of research, design and implementation by Game Change in concert with the NHL and the NHLPA.  An on-going initiative, it has been designed to meet the unique development needs of professional hockey players through a flexible and customized service structure.

Research and assessment are critical components to Game Change’s data driven approach to athlete development and organizational impact. Through the use of applied research techniques, proprietary research and assessments and access to highly sophisticated individual survey instruments, Game Change drives measureable outcomes for athletes and organizations.



Organizations need to invest in their athletes short and long term development. This drives outcomes for the business.  Game Change has a track record of identifying, creating and delivering customized solutions to drive individual and organizational outcomes.


We improve student athletes on and off field performance, mental wellness and student athlete experience. 


You can't change what you don't understand. Game Change brings deep athlete development experience and research fire power to identify appropriate solutions.


We can provide dynamic speakers to address athlete development topics.


Get to the next level. Stay at the highest level longer. Leverage your experience now through strategic vision. Game Change can be your long-term personal and professional honest broker. 


Game Change can help you identify a future path, overcome performance blindspots, and figure out how likely you are to get to the next level.


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Our Story



Game Change was founded in 2011.  In founding Game Change, Duncan Fletcher was seeking to pursue athlete development in the context which he believed it could be the most impactful.

His perspective was that athlete development concepts needed to be introduced early and often and presented in a consistent and engaging fashion. Moreover, in order to have any real lasting impact any initiative must not be an island unto self, but integrated into the broader fabric of the club, organization, league or association.  

Additionally, to be effective, athlete development initiatives needed to understand what the real purpose is - to drive performance both on and off the playing surface. The perspective that performance was somehow secondary to the conversation, ignored the reality of both the athletes and the organizations.

Game Change was founded to provide best in class athlete development and consulting services.  It exists to identify and engage world class and leading edge solutions that strive to make organizations and athletes better on and off the playing surface. We change the world one athlete at a time. 



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