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Game Change is the leading custom athlete development services provider.  We understand that athlete development services are not distractions but a critical tool for individual athletes, organizations, teams and coaches to drive the highest levels of consistent and athletic performance.

Game Change staff and leadership have extensive experience working with major professional sports leagues, player associations and athletes.  Moreover, our performance first approach is designed to drive meaningful outcomes for individuals and organizations in both the short and long-term.  

Our mission is to change the world one athlete at a time.


Our athlete development process is based on Game Change’s data-driven approach to working with organizations and athletes.  Our process involves the following:

1 - Research & Assessment:

Understanding and awareness is critical to development.  A lack of either can hamper dialogue and the development of a real grasp of the challenges or opportunities that exist.  Consequently, using customized Game Change tools and resources, we advocate for conducting detailed assessments of individual athletes and organizations to fully articulate the current reality.


2 - the plan:

Once the organization or individual understands their inherent skills, challenges and opportunities the key is to provide a road map for development.  Game Change provides this utilizing our FOCUS methodology. Utilizing FOCUS provides the specific actions and activities necessary to drive change and development that directly aligns with the individual or organizations specific objectives.  

3 - custom approach:

Game Change knows that cookie cutter content, workshops and education don’t work.  It is that simple. Our initiatives are created and designed to drive outcomes directly relevant to the individual and/or organization.  Performance gains are not realized by a standard recipe, they must be tailored to the individual. Game Change does this better than anyone.


4 - metrics:

Athlete development must be evidence based.  Therefore to measure impact it is critical to develop metrics which allow for the collection of data that help individuals and organizations track change over time.  Game Change has the expertise and the tools to help athletes optimize personal performance and leagues understand the impact of their initiatives.




Game Change was founded in 2011.  In founding Game Change, Duncan Fletcher was seeking to pursue athlete development in the context which he believed it could be the most impactful.

His perspective was that athlete development concepts needed to be introduced early and often and presented in a consistent and engaging fashion. Moreover, in order to have any real lasting impact any initiative must not be an island unto self, but integrated into the broader fabric of the club, organization, league or association.  

Additionally, to be effective, athlete development initiatives needed to understand what the real purpose is - to drive performance both on and off the playing surface. The perspective that performance was somehow secondary to the conversation, ignored the reality of both the athletes and the organizations.

Game Change was founded to provide best in class athlete development and consulting services.  It exists to identify and engage world class and leading edge solutions that strive to make organizations and athletes better on and off the playing surface. We change the world one athlete at a time. 




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