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Why Resilience?

Many people don’t realize that Resilience is a skill set that can be developed. It consists of the following key traits:

  • Perspective

  • Connection & Empathy

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

The development of these foundational Resilience skills can be particularly impactful for a range of high performers.  Benefits include:

  • Improved mental wellness

  • Reduced stress

  • Reduced performance anxiety

  • Less negative thought affectivity

These benefits also carry over beyond sport or the workplace.  In short, if you want to be a better performer, start developing your Resilience.

The Process

Resilience skills provide a competitive advantage.  Game Change seeks to build that advantage.

We drive performance by working with individual athletes and organizations to undertake the following:

  • Assessments to define current Resilience

  • Introductory presentations with key populations (e.g. staff, athletes, management)

  • An online Resilience Based Performance Experience

  • Summary workshops with key populations.

  • Access to continually refreshed content and resources

  • Assessments to measure impact

We strive to drive and measure impact both on the well-being of our clientele and their performance.

The Game Change Difference

The science is unequivocal. Resilience skills impact individuals and organizations for the better.

However, how the message is delivered is critical to drive impact.  Our background is the professional sport space, where if you aren’t talking about Performance outcomes, you aren’t talking for long.  

Our professionals bring real life, applied experiences to the table from the professional sport world, where they had to eat, breathe and sleep these concepts to excel.

Resilience Based Performance can impact a range of unique performance environments, including your team, athletic department, business, first responders and more.  


Resilience consists of critical components to drive wellness, create confidence and impact performance


A change in perspective is invaluable and requires the following:
Attitude: Remain positive despite setbacks and challenges, and understand failure is a fundamental part of success.
Gratitude: Don’t lose sight of what’s important in life and appreciate the little things
Enjoyment: Remember the importance of balance and fulfillment in life


Humans are social animals.  Our success depends on our ability to connect.
Me: Build your support team to help you tackle challenges and obstacles
You: Provide help and value to those around you
Us: Create a culture based on empathy, trust and compassion


The ability to be present and focused is a competitive advantage and necessary for long-term health.
Calm: Bring stillness to the mind and reduce the impact of negative emotions    
Composed: Optimize decisions  and execute under pressure
Content: Increase happiness and live in the moment



Pilot Partners


The Game Change Resilience Based Performance initiative has been piloted in several environments.  Below are examples of the kind of data collected.

Surveys were scored on a one to five scale

Surveys were scored on a one to five scale with one being, ‘Not at all familiar’ and five being, ‘Extremely familiar’.

Mental Well Being, Athlete Performance and Personal Health

Athlete’s were also asked to provide their opinions on the importance of mental well-being to being a good athlete and a healthy person. We asked student athletes how would you rate the importance of resilience in your development as an athlete and a person?

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The Game Change Resilience Based Performance initiative has had an immediate impact on athletes.  When athletes were asked how likely they would be to recommend this presentation to a fellow athlete, it scored at 9.3 out of 10.  A of 10 score was, ‘Unbelievable presentation, see it tomorrow.’


Resilient athletes have better mental health and overall mental well-being. Resilient athletes perform better on the playing surface and in the classroom.  Resilient athletes evolve into resilient people who have more success in life.  Game Change can help drive these outcomes.  

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