Why Research

When seeking to impact athletes, teams and organizations in many instances there is a rush to provide education, services and resources.

However, in many instances no one really truly understands:

  • What is needed

  • Why it is needed

  • What impact all parties are looking to have

  • How it should be delivered, and;

  • When to make it available

Game Change can help all stakeholders cut through the noise by providing unbiased research designed to illustrate a path forward that meets the real needs of all constituents.

The Process

Game Change uses a mixed methods approach to conducting research particularly with elite athletes.

We work with all stakeholders to identify challenges and desired outcomes in order to ask the right questions.  

Game Change believes that in the confidentiality is key to maintain the integrity of the data collected.  We typically only report data in aggregate so those stakeholders who are providing information know the content they provide doesn’t negatively impact them.


Perspective & Experience Matter

Research properly executed can change the direction of your organization.  However, you need to get it right the first time.  It is hard to go back for more data.

Game Change understands the issues gathering data in elite sports environments and we know how to interpret what athletes are telling us.

We have extensive experience in this space, specialists from academia and former professional athletes with backgrounds in research.

Work with us and we can help you separate the signal from the noise.

Game Change Research Partner

Game Change is proud to partner with the University of Florida’s Laboratory for Athlete & Athletics Development & Research.


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