Face the unique challenges of being a pro athlete

Very few people understand the challenges associated with being a professional athlete.  Our firm specializes in addressing the challenges faced by professional athletes seeking to excel both on and off the playing surface.  We are able to do this because we have worked with and conducted research about professional athletes and sport organizations for years.

So before we get started, you may be asking, what are we?  Here is what we are not:

  • We are not agents.  
  • We don't touch your money or tell you what to do with it.  
  • We aren't as concierge service.
  • We aren't sport psychologists. 
  • We don't tell you how to train or improve your skills

As you likely know, success as an elite professional athlete requires elite physical capacities but it also requires a unique mental approach. 

Due to our understanding of the unique challenges you face as professional athletes, Game Change works with you to provide highly customized solutions designed to help you accomplish the following:

  • Identify and assess risks or risk factors in your life that may serve to shorten or negatively impact the length of your professional sport career.
  • Identify behavioral traits or mental approaches that may negatively impact your approach to life outside of professional sport which, counterintuitively, may impact your ability to achieve peak performance on the playing surface.
  • Identify attitude, interests or activities beyond sport which if pursued may provide value to your professional sport career today.
  • Identify networks that you can leverage to further your interests in and out of sport.

Utilizing our proprietary development approach we help professional athletes achieve the following outcomes:

  • A reduction in the stress and anxiety associated with being an elite professional athlete (for you AND your family).
  • Optimizing your overall approach so you are more likely to compete longer and more effectively at the highest level.
  • Creating a customized and actionable development plan that is designed to positively impact your performance today.

What does this ultimately mean for you? More money. A longer career. And a more enjoyable professional sport experience. 

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