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What is Resilience? Are you resilient? We can help you figure that out with data and information specific to you. Listen to Dan Jackson former AFL player.


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Cutting Edge Behavioral Insights Can Change Your Sport & Personal Development Story

Our firm, Game Change, works with a wide range of professional and aspiring elite athletes from across the sport spectrum. You see more here if you are interested.

A key focus of our firm has been the use and implementation of cutting edge behavioral analytics tools to provide active professional athletes with insight into how to be more effective as a pro athlete and how to more effectively engage in interests off the playing surface.

Our work has been revolutionary in improving our understanding on what makes the best athletes in the world successful. Critically, it has allowed us to develop a fuller and clearer understanding of how important it is for elite athletes to be aware of potential blindspots and how to develop interventions to address awareness gaps.

A Unique and Limited Time Opportunity for Young Aspiring Elite Athletes

Game Change is now offering to aspiring elite athletes for the first time access to our unique assessment experience. Unlike many other competitors we actually work with real professional athletes. Our normative samples include professional and Olympic athletes some who are hall of fame calibre and winners of medals.

This is a limited time offer. We are currently conducting a pilot program to determine the efficacy of our pro athlete assessment protocol on young athletes between the ages of 16 and 22 (our assessment is unreliable for those under the age of 16) who seek to pursue a collegiate athletic career (or are actively playing collegiately now), elite amateur sporting opportunities (e.g. Olympics) or professional sport. We will not accept athletes after January 31st, 2020.

Participants can expect the following:

  • A personal ‘Player Card’ which addresses:

    • A definition of clear behavioral strengths

    • A clear understanding of behavioral gaps

    • A clear articulation of your ability to demonstrate resilience

    • Access to our proprietary Pro Score which outlines your behavioral potential to be a pro or elite amateur athlete in comparison with the best of the best in other elite sport environments

    • Intervention suggestions and education to mitigate potential blindspots

    • An outline of your behavioral inclinations as it relates to educational interests

    • An outline of specific careers which fit your behavioral profile

  • Access to your digital Player Card

  • An individualized review of your data with our counseling Psychologist, a former professional athlete

If you’ve wondered if you have what it takes to be a pro or elite athlete, we can make you more aware of what you have working for you and what may need to be addressed.

More critically, we can help you make better education and career decisions so you are pursuing career paths which allow you to flourish both on and off the playing surface.

This is a rare opportunity that simply may never exist again. The cost is not unsubstantial. However, when compared to investing thousands, if not tens of thousands into sport development or degree programs that aren’t a fit for your son or daughter - we’re a great deal.

I am interested. What do I Do?

If you are interested in having your son or daughter participate, complete this form. A member of our team will contact you to begin the process.

Name of Parent or Primary Contact Point *
Name of Parent or Primary Contact Point
Birthday of participant?
Birthday of participant?
What package are you interested in?

How much does it cost?

  • Basic Package: $995

    • Assessment

    • Player Card

    • Pro Score

    • 15 minute debrief

  • Intermediate Package: $2695

    • Same as above

    • Additional 1:45 minutes of debrief and coaching

    • Access to our Resilience Skill Development Program

    • Advanced identity assessment and report and with two additional assessments to measure change over time

  • Advanced Evaluation & Support: $6995

    • All the above

    • Custom coaching package with our team of development specialists

      • After your assessment experience and debrief, our team will develop a custom coaching experience, focused on your personal and athletic development, which allows for up to 12 hours of personal contact with one or more of our Game Change professionals.

    • Four additional identity assessments to measure change over time

    • Custom communication profile

    • Custom leadership profile

Do you work with anyone?

No. At a minimum the participant athlete must be 16. Submission of your interest form does not guarantee we will work with you or your athlete.

Who will I work with?

Multiple members of the Game Change team. See more here.

Why is this assessment process different?

Our assessment process has actually been used on real, active and retired professional athletes. The elite of the elite. It is relevant to you the aspiring athlete. Moreover, we’ve created highly proprietary benchmarks that allow you to compare yourself to these athletes.

We use an assessment tool with over 40 years of supporting data, which allows for a level of behavioral insight that makes competing tools (e.g.DISC, Meyers Briggs, etc.) look like something cut out of Cosmo magazine.

But critically, we are approaching this with a PERFORMANCE first angle. We want to make you perform better as an athlete AND as a person.

What if I have other questions?

Fill out the form above and a member of our team will contact you directly.

Let us help you figure out where you want to get to.

Let us help you figure out where you want to get to.

Self awareness is critical to be an elite athlete. I can’t thank you enough for this information, it has changed my understanding of what I can really be.”
— Active Professional Athlete
I really wish I had this information early in my professional career. It would have changed my entire approach to my career.
— Former 15 Year NHL Veteran
This information actually changed the path I took for my education and impacted how I interact with my collegiate coach.
— Current DI Athlete