Organizational SOLUTIONS


An Organizational Approach

Many perceive athlete development as a conversation about the end of an athlete’s sporting future. In fact, athlete development is a tool which can drive and sustain elite performance within an organization over the long-term.

When properly executed, athlete development can provide athletes and organizations with a competitive advantage on and off the playing surface.

The Process

Athlete development is really a two-way conversation about driving performance.  However, in order to have that conversation you need to engage athletes.

Athletes need information that speaks to where they are in their development arc.  Any athlete development approach must:

  • Be relevant

  • Engage and entertain

  • Educate

  • Be consistent and trustworthy

  • Measure impact


Game Change Gets It

Simply, we’ve seen what works.  We’ve seen what hasn’t.  We are deeply networked in the athlete development space and are tuned in to trends across a range of sports.

If you want to work with people that truly understand what athlete development is about and want to create custom performance solutions for your athletes or your organizations that drive performance outcomes...

Welcome. You’ve come to the right place.


The National Hockey League (NHL) and NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) Core Development Program is the result of research, design and implementation by Game Change in concert with the NHL and the NHLPA.  An on-going initiative, it has been designed to meet the unique development needs of professional hockey players through a flexible and customized service structure.

Game Change is proud to serve the NHL and NHLPA’s Core Development Program.  To learn more visit here.


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