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Our services are designed to drive performance and build better people.  The science is proving more and more emphatic...athletes who are one track in their approach to sport are not as successful long-run as those that develop other interests.

Game Change services address this by providing access to experts, resources, tools and information which help individual athletes and organizations optimize their athletes personally and professionally.

That is why we are different, we understand that if you aren’t talking about performance as it relates to athlete development, you are missing the point.  Our services and approach reflect that reality.

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A primary challenge for all major athletic departments is appropriately gauging student athlete engagement in the university and academic community and their perception of their respective athletic experiences.

In our view, most athletic departments underserve their athletes or don’t utilize their student athlete development departments to pursue performance gains. Game Change can complement existing institutional initiatives in order to enhance impact and return on investment.

Custom Pro Athlete SERVICES

Coaches, financial advisors, agents and others typically have only a short-term view of the value and relevance of a particular athlete and are only concerned about what the athlete can provide them now.  Being a professional or elite athlete is stressful.   This short-term approach to an athlete’s career compounds a variety of stressors for the athlete. and may in fact SHORTEN the athletes career.


Game Change works with elite and professional athletes to adjust this short-term approach to their career.  Our research indicates that athletes who follow a few simple protocols during their careers can:

  • Dramatically reduce their day to day stress

  • Improve performance

  • Increase career length

  • Increase career earnings

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As athlete development continues to increase in importance to both individual athletes and sport organizations around the world, Game Change can provide speakers to address a variety of topics related to the field.  

We have spoken literally around the world and in a range of different environments from first responders, mental health professionals and more.

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