Why Assessment?

An evidenced based approach to managing and developing athletes and organizations is crucial to driving long-term success.

Game Change utilizes a cutting assessment approach based on behavioral analytics to help individuals, teams and organizations predict, drive and enhance athletic performance and personal impact.

Game Change can help:

  • Performance

  • Awareness

  • Intervention development

  • Projection

  • Personal and athletic development now and into the future.

And much more!  

The Process

Working with game change individual athletes or organizations can better assess a range of issues pertaining to driving elite performance.

Game Change utilizes custom research instruments and cutting edge assessments which utilize custom and proprietary sport based benchmarks.

A custom research approach can yield the greatest impact to most individuals and organizations.  We understand that the value of engaging in this process isn’t just about collecting data.  It is about creating information to support and sustain an elite performance environment.


The Game Change Difference

Game Change believes in an evidenced based approach to working with athletes, teams and organizations.  

Athlete development decisions made without the benefit of data, are best guesses.  Elite performance typically does not come from guesswork.

If you want to understand your athletes and your organization you need to conduct real research.  We have decades of experience in athlete development.  We have worked with hundreds of former and active professional athletes.  

Moreover, we have professional athletes on staff to fully inform, shape and deliver our services.


About Jay

Jay Harrison comes to Game Change after a 15-year professional hockey career, including 8 years in the NHL.  Jay has been fortunate enough to participate in a lifetime of unique experiences and relationships through sport. Jay is finalizing his training as a Counseling Psychologist, fulfilling his desire to help others acclimate to their true potential. 


An assessment protocol can help you identify and recruit the right people. It can help you identify personal gaps in your development. 


Research shows, self awareness drives success at the individual level. For teams, knowing who is in the room, how they mesh and what is missing can provide a competitive advantage.


If you really want to understand how your organization and performers stack up, Game Change can benchmark your organization.  Organizations can know and understand the elements that keep you primed for optimal performance and long-term success.


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